A Very Large Expanse Of Sea Review

hey guys, it’s been over a week since I blogged I guess sometimes life just gets in the way! Work , kids, family I’ve had it all going on this week! But I’m back and hoping to catch up on some book reviews!

I have a real love for diverse books! And this one is no exception! I loved it! I read it really quickly and literally couldn’t put it down.

Most people will know Tahereh Mafi from her Restore me series but this book is so different!

We follow the character Shirin a teenage girl who’s Muslim, a year after 9/11 and she’s just started another high School.Her family moved around a lot to try and provide the best for her.

Shirin wears hijab and experiences the worst kind of racism, Not just from openly racist people either but from people who are meant to safeguard her from these things!

Shirin meets Ocean a teenage boy who really wants to get to know her but she’s scared as she’s had her guard up for so long.

I love the characters in this book. I love the relationship between Shirin and Ocean and the way it’s a slow burn romance really makes you want them to succeed! I love the way Ocean admitted his ignorance. He didn’t hide from it he just wanted to learn and love Shirin for exactly who she is.

This book broke my heart! I spent the whole time just wanting to hug Shirin. She taught me so much! About the devastating impact of prejudice! About feeling lost! I was so proud that she held her beliefs so close to her never let anybody influence her no matter how horrible they were to her.

I’d recommend this book to everybody!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Out of 5 for me!

Have you read this? What did you think? I’d love to know!

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Hi I'm Rina a 32 year old full time working Mum from London. I'm an avid bookworm and you will never find me without a book! I love all genres and hope to share my love of everything bookish far and wide 😊

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